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Application for Forum Membership by Voluntary Organisations

Please either complete the form below or download the Word version  or  pdf version  then post or email

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(This is so that Forum members will understand the work - the description for a public database may be the same or different.)

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  The 3 questions below are to estimate the number of people involved, the support and total numbers. Please give a figure if you have one; don't spend lots of time researching. Thanks.
How many of your members have the long term condition that your group supports?
What is the total number of members your group has? (might include family and supporters)
Do you have an estimate of the number of people in F&G affected by the condition that your group supports? (write a number, percentage, description or whatever may be helpful)
Categories of interest Long-term medical   Disability   Carers
Other (please ensure description above is good)
Do you have an entry in Who Cares directory of health & care support groups? Already have                 Would like information
Does your group already work to a quality standard? Yes   Currently work to

No     Would like information about how this may be helpful.

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