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2017 Meetings

Tuesday 2nd May - Gosport  (note day after the bank holiday)
Tuesday 4th July - Fareham
Tuesday 5th September - Gosport
Tuesday 7th November - Fareham

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Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd May 2017
 12 noon (to include lunch) finishing at 2.30pm

at Gosport Masonic Hall, 5 Clarence Rd, Gosport PO12 1BB

Please click here for agenda, and here for care survey.

 Please book in or give apologies using form below

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Data Protection: Information given for this booking will only be used for administration of the Health Forum and not passed to any other organisation.


The meeting is open to one representative of Health Focussed Voluntary Organisations in Fareham and Gosport. 
Exceptionally more than one representative could attend but please contact us first.

Previous Meeting Documents:-

Minutes of the meeting held 7th February 2017 - Please click here. 

Minutes of the November 2016 meeting - Please Click here.

QA Paper on Review of Self-Administration of Drugs

Better Local Care (BLC) Care model      BLC Drivers & Domains   BLC Diagram    BLC Leaflet

Better Local Care 3 min Video          HCC Supportive Communities 3 min Video

Minutes of the September 2016 meeting

Minutes of July 2016 Meeting        Key Facts Document      

NHS's "Simple Guide for Staff - about the NHS"

Minutes of May 2016 meeting (Word) (pdf)

CCG responses (Word) (pdf)

Got it Right Checklist

Minutes from March 2016 meeting
Safeguarding Adults You-Tube Link (a training video)


Minutes from November 2015 Meeting
CCG_Responses to 1st Sept mtg
SDAS Presentation
Walking4 Health Presentation
Walking 4 Health 23 1/2 hours YouTube video


Minutes of 1st Sept 2015 Meeting
CCG responses at 30th June mtg


Links to news items referred to at the 1st September 2015 meeting:

Community Action Fareham has a kit from the British Heart Foundation for CPR. It contains 10 manikins and DVD instructions for CPR and Defib awareness. The kit is available for clubs to use either on their own or with Community Action Fareham / GVA support.
We can add Trigger Tool awareness       Or Stroke "FAST"    Or Safeguarding (Scams or Protection from Abuse)   It is a great item for a club meeting to raise awareness.
Book the kit or a facilitated session by speaking to Jude Potts  jpotts@farehamaction.org.uk   01329 223155

HCC Section 75 Agreement Survey

Better Care Bulletin (4 page newsletter)

Improving Long Terms Conditions newsletter (we did not mention this at the meeting!)

Health Research about improving Care on Hospital Wards

Westlands Health Centre Portchester
Wish to invite community groups to present about themselves for a week at a time. A stand / focal point is being purchased, so the group will need to provide some attendance there too – say 4 half days out of the week. Contact Jennie Romicheva at Community Action Fareham – jromicheva@farehamaction.org.uk  This will be a developmental activity in advance of the Surgery Signposters Pilot being extended to Fareham.

      Minutes 30th June 15


Presentations from 30th June 2015 (as pdfs)   Vangard MCP presentation       Relate      Citizen's Advice

 CCG Responses to matters raised on 5th May (presented on 30th June)

GSK Impact Award Outline Information

Notes of the Meeting on 5th May 2015
CCG Responses to matters raised on 3rd March (presented on 5th May)
Presentation by Solent Health
Presentation by Southern Health

Notes of the Meeting on 3rd March  2015

Notes of the Meeting on 13th Jan 2015  (Word format)  (pdf Format)
Better Care Fund Presentation    Commissioning Presentation

Notes of 5th Meeting on 7th October (pdf format)

Notes of 3rd Meeting on June 3rd        Notes of 4th Meeting on 5th August

Notes of 1st Meeting on 2nd Feb                 Notes of  2nd Meeting on1st Apr

Forum Membership       Priorities Form

Care Act Statutory Guidance - Oct 14 Version  - 500 pages! - but readable

NHS Long Term Conditions Bulletin

HCC Presentation on the Care Bill

HCC summary of Care Bill  - 3 pages

Department of Health Suite of Factsheets on the Care Act



About the Forum

The Voluntary Sector Health Forum will provide a ‘meeting point’ for community groups and the health services.  There are more than 50 community groups in Fareham and Gosport that focus their activities on support for people with health conditions; all are invited.

The benefit will be that 2,000 or more patients will have the chance to influence how health services meet their needs and so become more effective.

Purpose of the Forum

To engage, inform and support local health and disability groups in Fareham and Gosport so that they can collectively have their say, so influencing decision making, and:

 1.            Their work is known and valued by healthcare providers including GPs.

2.            They can put forward proposals that will help improve the health and wellbeing of patients with long term conditions and their families.

3.            They receive information about proposals for the development of health services by the Clinical Commissioning Group and can respond in a collective opinion, as well as individually.

4.            They can provide feedback or raise concerns about health services with respect to the specific needs of patients with particular conditions.

 The Clinical Commissioning Group (or CCG) for Fareham and Gosport has responsibility for purchasing health care for patients in the two boroughs.  They are required by law to consult with patients. The idea behind this proposal is to help the CCG to do this more effectively.
We will ensure that we form strong links with the Health and Well-Being Boards

 Membership  A representative of each health and disability related group in Fareham and Gosport will be welcome.  The Health Forum will be open to support groups, clubs and charities that aim to improve the health and well-being of their members.  Representatives of the CCG will also attend.

 Meetings  The Health Forum will hold meetings once every two months at alternate venues in Gosport and Fareham.  The meetings will be set up and chaired alternately by Gosport Voluntary Action and Community Action Fareham.  Groups that cannot send a representative will be able to participate by contributing in advance by email, phone or as is possible.

 How it will work  We will have to be organised!  We could have a lot of groups represented in the forum and a lot of topics to cover.  Information will be sent out early and responses from groups will be collated.  Agenda and papers will go out by email a week before the meetings. We know that some topics will take several meetings.

The forum will not be a channel for individual cases or complaints to be raised.

 Reports  Following each meeting of the Health Forum, a report will be submitted to the Clinical Commissioning Group providing feedback on the issues and the proposals raised.  It is expected that a response will be provided at the subsequent meeting of the Forum.

 PLEASE  let Community Action Fareham or Gosport Voluntary Action know if your group, club or charity would like to participate in this exciting new opportunity to make sure that all patients have their say as far as health care is concerned.

Support to community groups can be provided by Gosport Voluntary Action and Community Action Fareham. This can cover any area, for example funding searches, volunteering development, health and safety checklists, training, information, and practical support such as DBS checks, payroll services or photocopying.

We are keen to support volunteer recognition and so organise civic recognition events each year.  We would like to promote a quality approach with the “Got it Right Award” and even to support nominations for the Queens Voluntary Service Award.

Groups interested in either of the awards will be able to come in for discussion and for assistance with progressing it.

The first meetings are being arranged for February 2014  Please contact us for details if you have not already received them.

Please contact us to find out more  Fareham:     hfgf@actionfareham.org.uk      01329   231899            Gosport :  02392 583836

Some Links:

 Copy of       Health Forum Leaflet                  CCG Website                HealthWatch Hampshire                                                           Hampshire Health and Wellbeing Board